Emma Blue

Emma Blue

“handmade papercuts and prints for book-lovers and nerds”

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About Emma Blue

Emma Blue

Intricate handmade papercuts and uplifting hand-lettered prints

Hi, I'm Emma, and I cut paper with my trusty scalpel, creating unique pieces of art inspired by things I love.

I grew up in Manchester, where I developed a love of buildings, canals, railways, and those spaces in-between where wild things grow. I now live just outside Birmingham, and love the mix of Brutalist concrete and beautiful green space. I take my inspiration from stories, myths, nature, books, music, old sci-fi, maps, and three a.m. conversations.

I sketch these things into a design and, once I’m happy with it, I’ll cut it out meticulously with my tiny scalpel, at my little desk in the spare room. Each piece is unique, and even with the designs I may cut a number of times, there will be tiny differences in say, the placement of a letter, or a leaf. These all add to the bespoke feel of the work.

A lot of my designs feature hand-lettered quotes, and I have my old Calligraphy set from my twelfth birthday to thank for my love of lettering. I use brush pens mostly, nowadays, but I do still get my dip pen out from time to time, especially when I find a shiny new ink I want to play with.

My papercuts and designs are available as fine art prints, and I've also turned some of them into mirrors and homewares.

Recently, I’ve been teaching myself digital drawing, and have been creating new work that’s a mix of my papercuts, lettering, and some full-on, joyful scribbling. I’m enjoying seeing where it goes.