cap crafts by ian

“Beautiful handmade Sunflowers made from recycled bottle caps.”

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About cap crafts by ian

cap crafts by ian

Unique, recycled bottle caps transformed into beautiful sunflowers that will bring joy and happiness to any room.

My name is Ian and I run "cap crafts by ian" and live in South Wales. A lifetime spent working with my hands as an instrument technician has certainly been useful in this craft, plus having an attention to detail eye hopefully shows itself in the finished pieces.

How did I start?
I originally planned to cover a garden table with recycled bottle tops. Then the lockdown came about so I made a bottle cap rainbow on a wooden background with NHS painted on it for my window as did others with pictures of rainbows.
After lockdown I asked my local hospital if they would like it for their reception area, I was super pleased and proud when they accepted it :)
Hmm what to do next, I know, I will make a hot air balloon on a 5ft high mirror, easy? no way osé, much designing of shape later, background painted, caps fitted, it is now tethered down in the garden!

My son tells me I could talk a glass eye to sleep .... How dare he! lol

Cue, bottle cap flowers, finally!

I now turned my hand to what I hope you will love as much as I enjoy making. The stages from bending the caps, not that easy to get even, through to spray painting the caps to brighten up the yellow, the layout and the glueing onto laminated floorboard is such a calming process, seeing my creation grow before my eyes.

We won't talk about my accident with the hot glue gun, burning my finger that found me sucking it better, only to have the hot glue stick to my lip! I was the only one who didn't find it funny, face under running water which then ran onto my finger lol

Sunflowers are known for being "happy" flowers, making them the perfect gift to bring joy to you or someone elses life.

These totally unique handcrafted pieces will look brighten up in any room in your home, conservatory or shed. Various combinations available ask if you fancy a particular design and I will work with you on it.

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