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Mother and daughter team making home made soaps in Cheshire

We started making soap as a hobby, starting off with melt and pour. However, this had limitations and we quickly started making soaps from scratch, following recipes in books and online. We then started to make alterations to these recipes, adding little touches of our own, giving away our stocks to friends and families, who gave us really good feedback. We got more adventurous and starting making soaps to our own recipe, playing with multi colour formulations and sometimes adding dairy products for a super creamy bar.

Selling our soaps seemed to be the next best step. Our soaps have been independently assessed as safe, we have learnt about soap labelling, essential oils, fragrance oils, colours, soaping at cool temperatures to allow time to make patterns in different colours and many other soap related matters.

We have tested our soap on ourselves and friends and family. No animals have been used to test our soaps.

Our postage costs are £3.00 for one or more soaps. If you order more than one soap of any variety, the charge is £3.00.