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“Engraved vintage cutlery and enamelware created in Manchester | All items can be personalised”

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One Mama One Shed

I'm Siobhan, the heart, brain and hands behind One Mama One Shed.

I'm Mama to One Beautiful Babe and Wife to One Man One Shed! We started our business under its previous name (Pop Up Vintage) back in May 2014 but it served as more of a hobby for us alongside our full time jobs.

My competitive hubby decided it would be a good idea to create a little spousal rivalry so he decided to leave me high and dry (in business terms!) and set up his own brand. Thankfully, girl power means that I am still running the more successful shop of the two... hehe!

During my maternity leave I realised I was going to be made redundant upon my return so I decided to focus more on my hobby and attempt to turn it into more of a business, ensuring that I could work from home whilst still being a mama to my beautiful babe. I like to keep busy and I love to channel my energy into creative projects so One Mama One Shed has turned into my second baby.

I try to create a truly unique range of hand crafted, 'up cycled' vintage pieces designed to add charm and intrigue to your lives. A strong passion for beautiful vintage crockery and cutlery alongside a love of quirky, decorative use combines to create the unique ranges within the One Mama One Shed shop.

All items are carefully and lovingly handmade in Britain using materials sourced within the UK. I'm a firm believer in supporting Great British talent and think that more people should shop small, local and British. Every time you buy from a small business you are supporting a real person, a real family, a real passion and I hope that is reflected in my work.

Every order placed supports my family and I and for that I will be forever grateful, without my loyal customers and followers my business wouldn't grow.

Much Love,

One Mama One Shed