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About ana92pl


I love crafting x

I discovered my artistic nature at an early age, focusing on sculpting and various hand constructions. As a teenager, I realized I could combine my creative skills with my love for beauty and elegance through the process of making jewelry, by bringing items of usability, durability and real value into existence. So I decided to study design. Crafting is my passion and I’m dreaming that one day I will be able to turn it into a small business.
Now I am a wife and a mom of a wonderful little boy. He is my dream come true and he gives me power and strength and ideas to create.

I believe that everything that a human can make with his hands is unique and one of a kind.
I am trying to materialize what I imagine and design in my mind or see on the pictures.
I show it to everyone around me and I take great joy when I see in his or her eyes that they like it.

I opened my shop in 2014 and I am excited by the opportunities offered by Folksy. It is exciting to be connected to this community of enthusiastic customers and sellers in UK and around the globe within a solid support network for all the artists like me.

* All work is coated with a sealant for protection, however jewellery should be kept away from water, perfumes and creams. To keep your jewellery as vibrant as the day purchased please store it in a jewelery boxes or organza bags that I provide. *

* Your jewelry will last longer if you correctly care for your item.
Do not wear your jewelry whilst showering, swimming, applying body lotion and perfume. Do not wear while sleeping. Do not wear around chemicals and please do not clean using chemical as these do more harm than good. You can wipe your jewelry down with a Jewelry polishing cloth. *

* Keep your jewelry pieces away from water and storing in a dry place after use, this will prevent oxidisation to your jewelry. *

* Each item's sizing is described as accurately as possible. Please read carefully before ordering. If you have any questions or are unsure please get in touch :) [Necklaces can be longer or shorter upon your request].*

* Payment by Paypal and direct payment are accepted, the great thing about Paypal is you don't need to have an account with them to purchase your item and they accept all major debit/credit cards :) *

* None of the pieces are edible and I would recommend they are not given to children under 5.
Please see THE FOOD IMITATION (SAFETY) REGULATIONS 1989 act for more information.
My jewellery represents 3.(b)products bona fide intended for use to represent food in a dolls' house or other model scene or setting.

These are artisan products and not suitable for little kids.