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Illustration and Ceramics

Hi, I’m Mecki. I make functional and decorative ceramics. I am drawn to pots that are aesthetically pleasing. They also need to be lovely to touch, to hold and give pleasure in everyday use.

I produce small series of work as well as one-off pieces. Much takes shape on my wheel. Some is hand-built or altered after throwing. My ceramics are designed to retain their good looks indefinitely.

Living and working by the sea influences the colour palette of my in-house glazes. I fire in both electric and Raku kilns.

Hi, I’m Zanna. I am an illustrator with a love of the natural world. Working in my garden studio right next to Mecki’s pottery, I produce artwork to complement Mecki’s ceramics. I also create the images fired onto Mecki’s pots.

I love manipulating existing print techniques and favour the rough and raw qualities achieved with monoprint and image transfer - often combining the two digitally. Many of my illustrations are produced exclusively for ZANandME.

Before I forget … I'm also Mecki’s daughter. And yes, we get on splendidly. ☺