Wrapped In Colour


“Unique hand-knitted shawls and scarves”

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About Wrapped In Colour

Wrapped In Colour

Unique hand-knitted items that wrap you in colour.

I have been knitting for more years than I care to count and enjoy making things in the colour, shape or size I want. Soon friends asked me to knit things for them and one thing lead to another and Wrapped in Colour was started. The idea for the logo came from when I was small and believed the fairies were responsible for knitting the spider webs.

Knitting is such a portable craft, I can be found knitting wherever I go. My idea of a perfect afternoon is to sit on a bench over looking the sea knitting, usually with my dog relaxing underneath or beside the seat.

Now days you can buy so many wonderful yarns using interesting combinations of fibres and I love the challenge of knitting a unique and elegant knitted item that makes the most of the fibre and colour. I love experimenting with shapes and knitted stitches but I also enjoy using wonderful patterns designed by people who have given me permission to use their patterns. I make shawls, scarves, hat, gloves, and cowls, with the recent addition of dog coats and blankets. Well why shouldn't they be wrapped in beautiful coloured items? Although I knit items for sale in my shop, what is important to me is knitting things that fit so I will customise items so they are the right colour, length and size.

Recently I have become interested in wool dyed naturally using plants and have started to make items using this type of wool.