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Hannah Wiles

  • United Kingdom

“Independent maker breathing new life into carefully sourced furniture and crafting unique homewares.”

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About Tread Softly

Tread Softly

Independent maker breathing new life into carefully sourced furniture and crafting unique home wares.

I set up Tread Softly in 2015, driven by the desire to challenge mass produced consumerism, by bringing an artists eye to upgrading old discarded furniture and creating beautiful hand crafted homewares.

Tread Softly redesigns well made but discarded unloved furniture to create beautiful contemporary pieces for the modern home. To compliment these stunning pieces, a range of ever changing, unique, handcrafted homewares made from sustainable materials will be on offer.

I felt it was time to challenge the throw away society, with its mass produced environmentally destructive goods. Tread Softly is that challenge. We work with the well made but unloved and discarded furniture from the decades prior to 1980. Using design and colour these pieces are transformed into vibrant contemporary furniture for the modern home. Additionally I wanted to offer unique homewares handmade by myself, pieces you will never want to throw away.


I am an experienced artist, with a BA in embroidery and an MA in fine art. I have taken part in many exhibitions throughout the Northwest of England, and am known for my transient and ephemeral works created in the Manchester city scape and my one off items crafted from found objects. I love art, design, craft, textiles, sculpture and wood.

In my own practice I draw inspiration from outsider art, working with found objects and embellishing the over-looked to reveal hidden beauty.

At Tread Softly we are determined to minimise our footprint on earth, whilst still creating beautiful furniture and homewares.