Music Through Time

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Music Through Time
Music Through Time

Stuart Maidment

“Time is but an illusion, lunchtime doubly so... ”

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About Music Through Time

Music Through Time

We specialise in the up-cycling of vinyl records into unique and memorable gifts to suit all ages and tastes

They said Vinyl was dead, they were wrong...

Many years ago I had the privilege to work in a record shop, and the buzz everyday at the array of material I was surrounded by enthralled me. I could not wait for the morning and a new day to dawn so I could immerse myself in the wonder of vinyl, and the inevitable time to turn the closed notice on the door always came too quickly.
I was also lucky to find around the same time a friend who enjoyed music and together we set up a disco, so my weekends were quite often taken up with an extension of my passion.
Sadly the demise of vinyl changed the shops direction, and the marriage to my lovely wife ended the long run of pursuing my solo interests. The upside was I still had a vast collection of vinyl squirreled away which I enjoyed at every possible opportunity, either by myself or with a gathering of friends, where we would drink into the early hours and reminisce about the long forgotten bands that once were so prominent in our lives.
A few months ago my regular employment within a family business ended when it was no longer viable to keep trading, and so I found myself unemployed, 50 and in a recession where retail trade was dwindling on the high streets. It was purely by chance that a quirk event channeled my thoughts towards my record collection and the discovery of ETSY provided an outlet for pursuing my passion and relieving the pressure caused by my work termination.
I sincerely hope everyone who visits this shop enjoys their stay and recalls many happy moments from times gone by as the songs jar the memory...