The Silver Rainbow

Kathryn Fruish

“Unique Handmade Silver Jewellery that has been designed to Inspire”

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About The Silver Rainbow

The Silver Rainbow

I design and make jewellery that is designed to inspire and enchant!

I have been making jewellery for 14 years and apart from a 1 year beginner course I am self taught. I am inspired by folklore, animals and nature, gemstones and their properties and magic. Particularly symbols with ancient meanings like pentacles, spirals, triskeleons, spirals, hares and foxes and the elements and faeries and angels, mermaids and words stamped into silver. I like to use casts of natural objects such as twigs to make pentacles and leaves set with sea glass, of which every piece has a mysterious history. Lockets are my most favourite things as they have imagery, stones to add the imagery, inspirational words stamped into the silver, and a magic space that can hold wishes, photos of loved ones or anything you like. The design of lockets is so multifaceted I love designing all these elements and putting them together.

I have a gallery called 'The Wishing Tree' in the indoor market in Glossop where all my work is exhibited, and the work of many other talented local artists and craftsmen.

I work in a small studio (and most of the kitchen too!) in my house that I share with my son Callum and 3 cats, Morgan, Stella and Pan.