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  • Bronze Coloured Lampwork Beads

    Bronze Coloured Lampwork Beads

    The Crafty Goddess

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  • Abalone And Silver Plated Charms

    Abalone And Silver Plated C...

    The Crafty Goddess

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About The Crafty Goddess

The Crafty Goddess

Crafty by name, crafty by nature ......

Hi I’m Donna, I started making jewellery 6 years ago on a whim that it probably wouldn’t last, but hay-oh I got addicted! I was just making bits and pieces for friends, family and the odd bit for a well known auction site. I now feel that my next stage is sharing my makes with a wider field of customers and to make a little bit of money in the process, so I can fund my addiction.
About the materials I use:
All the gemstones are genuine, I will state in this in the description, I purchase them from a well known jewellery making channel, along with the mechanics and findings. The metals I use are mainly gold, silver or rose gold plated copper or brass, some items are e-coated so not to irritate sensitive skin. I also use 925 silver too.
I like to use different mediums, polymer clay and resin will also be included in my listings.
Any way I hope you like what you see and feel free to contact me with any questions you have.
Thank you
Donna x


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