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“Fabulous treasures from the magical house of dreams and nightmares.”

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Talliston House & Gardens

The UK's most ordinary house transformed into "Britain's Most Extraordinary Home" (The Sunday Times)

Once an ordinary house in an ordinary street, over the past quarter-century Talliston House & Gardens has been transformed into a wonderland of unique and inspirational locations. Completed on 6th October 2015, exactly 25 years after commencement, one man who couldn’t wire a plug has created a living, breathing testament to the power of following one’s dreams.

Existing somewhere between art, decoration and design, the house and gardens showcase 13 locations, each set in a different time and place. Keeping the original property’s room layout, each area reimagines kitchens, bedrooms and even garden sheds as fantastical playgrounds that explore the emotional link we have to our domestic environments.

At its core, the project is an exploration of the concept of the extraordinary within the ordinary. It’s about exploring how we all have inside us the power to be whatever we want or can imagine.

So it began with the ordinary:
Thee-bedroomed semi-detached ex-council house in Essex

And finished with the extraordinary:
Talliston comprises thirteen stunning locations, grouped into five elements and set across more than six-thousand years of history, from 4000 BC to 2228 AD. Each room or garden is infused with a rich story, incorporating more than 1,800 antiques and objects sourced from across the globe.