Taitaya Forge

Marleena Barran

  • United Kingdom

“Hand forged silver and iron ...from fire and earth into form and being. ”

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About Taitaya Forge

Taitaya Forge

Hand forged Iron and Silver, inspired by history and myth

My name is Marleena. I am originally from Finland, but moved to the UK to live and work with my husband Luke. Together we have a small family and a forge, located in a old stone barn on the scenic Isle of Wight.

My focus is mainly on small scale metalwork, pendants and other jewellery and my speciality is hot forging silver. My work is influenced by northern European history and mythology. My past hobby as a historical re-enactor has influenced largely what I make and how I make it. I prefer to use hand tools and ancient methods, but with a sensitivity to what is modern. I use a gas forge, which burns cleaner than traditional coke forges. Ideally I would love to use carbon neutral charcoal, as the dark age smiths who's work I am inspired by would have used, but there are a lot less trees left here... at least compared to Finland!

Luke specialises in bladesmithing, but also contributes with some of his jewellery work in our shops.

My work is my passion and I enjoy the process of creating. I believe that all the time I spend bringing form and beauty into this world also creates spirit and it is that spirit I would like to share with you. Thank you for visiting us on Folksy. :-)