Sylvies Sewing Room

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Sylvies Sewing Room
Sylvies Sewing Room

“From Nature to Needle, hand-stitched by me just for you”

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Welcome to Sylvie's Sewing Room

Apologies for not having more available - I am busy with commissions and have work in local galleries.

* My textile work is all hand stitched

* If you have any questions please contact me

* I photograph everything in natural light, often… gloomy, here in West Wales. Bear that in mind, and also colours may vary from screen to screen

* Postage is first class Royal Mail, recorded for parcels over £50. I can wrap and send direct to recipient, just let me know. Packaging is recycled and recyclable where appropriate

Thank you for looking...

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About Sylvies Sewing Room

Sylvies Sewing Room

Drawing with threads - detailed textile images of nature, hand-stitched in my little studio in West Wales.

I've always made things!

Ever since I was old enough to be trusted with a needle and thread, I've been creating - usually little tiny colourful things. And I love drawing too...

A while ago I made a special birthday card for my very special mum's 50th. It was a textile heart-shape divided into sections each decorated differently - beads, embroidery, sequins, letters and numbers. The effect I was aiming for was detail and luxury, combined with colour and sparkle. I was quite pleased with it at the time although it looks pretty crude now. Anyway, mum liked it and a friend of hers saw it and asked if I could do something similar for a family anniversary.

So, one thing leads to another, things evolve, my style has certainly evolved, but I haven't stopped in over twenty years since. It's an occupation that fits snugly around our family.

My work now is mainly detailed studies of local flora and fauna - the birds that inhabit our garden and the hedges nearby, the wildflowers (weeds?) that fill the verges, woodlands and banks, and the little creatures that go about their business amongst them all. There are otters in the local landscape and although I've not yet seen one in real life, they are a recurring theme, as are the elusive barn owls that we listen to at night.

However, it really is the medium itself that really keeps me working away, I love trying to show new textures or working out better compositions, and am constantly attempting to improve my methods and style.

I hope you enjoy looking, thank you for reading ...