Star Thistle and Briar

Joanne Green

“Handmade jewellery inspired by sea, sky and hedgerow”

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About Star Thistle and Briar

Star Thistle and Briar

Making and creating inspired by Norfolk's coast and country.

By nature I'm a collector. Star Thistle & Briar was born from my habit of picking up sea glass and pottery whenever I visited the seaside. Over the years I've built up quite a collection but once a piece is washed and brought home what do you do with it? I had jam jars of the stuff but I felt it needed to do more than just sit on display.

Using silver clay I now turn all those precious pieces into pretty and tactile jewellery. I use the coast as my inspiration and also the flowers and wildlife that I live among in Norfolk. I love the way that while I'm making my necklaces I'm reminded of the places I visited that inspired them.

As well as making my own silver clay charms I also use new and vintage glass beads, freshwater pearls and jewellery, giving old items a new life. Some of the sea glass and pottery is over a hundred years old, washed and carried by the waves until its edges are smooth. I love the rarity of these little treasures and its wonderful that I can pass them on to new owners and add a new layer to their story. Its a nice way to recycle too!

Each silver clay piece is made by hand, moulded and shaped and then fired before being polished. I use moulds made from items I have found on my travels but the nature of clay means even repeated designs are all slightly different.

If you'd like to know more about me then I write an irregular blog where you can see what I've been up to: