Silver Nutmeg

Helen Duncan

“Handcrafted jewellery, sweet and simple”

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Silver Nutmeg

Handmade silver jewellery, sweet, simple and seasonal

Hello, I'm Helen, and I make small, delicate pieces of everyday sterling silver jewellery under the name Silver nutmeg. Each piece is crafted entirely by hand using traditional silversmithing techniques, then finished with love before being passed on to its new owner.

I find the impulse to create while walking in the fields and woods around my home on the outskirts of Oxford. I have long been fascinated by the process of crafting beautiful things from precious metals and gemstones, and several years ago I enrolled on a silver jewellery making course at my local college so that I could learn to make pieces of my own. Some are inspired by frost patterns and wintery landscapes; others by stories; and some by the jewellery and talismans of ancient cultures.

All the materials I use are obtained from trusted sources with ethical and corporate responsibility policies in place. I don't use toxic chemicals in my workshop: that's why you won't find any oxidised (blackened) finishes in my range of jewellery, and the pickle (the solution jewellers use to clean oxidisation from the silver after it has been heated) I use is made from non-toxic, food grade ingredients. I also use eco-friendly packaging - rest assured, you won't find any bubble wrap in your order!

Thank you for your interest in my jewellery - I hope you will find something to treasure!