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Personalised orders always welcome, please message me with any requests

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Sewing is my 1st love and gardening is a close 2nd.

After many years I now have the luxury of a sewing room that is the most amazing space, I work for myself and love it. I'm not a very trendy person, vintage and make do and mend is my motto and I'm old enough to remember the vintage first time around!
I sew anything and will tackle most things but enjoy making nice handbags (which I don't do enough) and personalised things I know people will cherish. Over the last few years I've been lucky enough to work in some very smart homes and make curtains and line walls with fabulous fabrics, my summer project is doing that here at home so I'll keep you posted....when I choose a project to do the fabric is usually the starting point and everything builds up from there, on my work table at the moment is a new pattern for dungarees which I'm probably too old for but when I'm in the garden who cares, my scruffy rescue dog will just be pleased I'm out there with her.
Please enjoy looking at my shop and if you like something but in a different colour etc message me...that's the beauty of hand made , it can be made as a one off and so personal just for you.

Sara x