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“Uniquely designed, one-of-a-kind hand-knitted bobble hats for adults and children”

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  • Designer Bobble Hat - Adult

    Designer Bobble Hat - Adult

    Scraggies Handmade

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About Scraggies Handmade

Scraggies Handmade

At Scraggies Handmade we make warm and toasty Hand Knitted "one off" Designer Bobble Hats

I started knitting at a very young age (around 5-6) when my wonderful Mam taught me how, I was informed later in life she was always thinking of things to keep me busy - it seems I was a very inquisitive child!!

My Mam was a fabulous knitter, she kept me and my 3 siblings in jumpers and cardigans throughout our childhood and with great pleasure in knitting for her Grandchildren. I am forever grateful for my knitting lessons, however I should have paid more attention to the one about reading patterns - this is why I make my own and don't follow any knitting patterns - this makes our hats even more unique!!

We work from home and out team consists of me, Dylan, Mabel, Jim and Ralph. Dylan and Mabel are our dogs Jim and Ralph are our cats. The dogs and I are out a couple of times a day taking in the beautiful countryside we live in, taking lots of pictures while out on our adventures - this is my inspiration. I love to get out early to catch the sunrise and of course the opposite sunset. We've seen some wonderful scenes which I match with various yarns. I love the spring and the autumn - so many wonderful colours. The cats sit and observe, I like to call them the quality control department!!