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“Handmade ceramics, inspired by nature with just a touch of magic”

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Saskia Rose Ceramics

Beautiful handmade ceramics inspired by nature, with just a touch of magic

My Mother’s theatrical telling of fairy tales accompanied by her own wildflower and fairy illustrations, alongside those of the great fairy artists such as Arthur Rackham, led to a magical childhood world of daydreams in faraway lands.

At school I loved the arts, but always had a special affinity with ceramics, where I even won a few competitions. Sadly, teenagers are prone to rebel and for me rebellion meant leaving school to work in a ‘proper’ job (at the time waitressing!). Happily
my love for working with clay was rekindled when my partner bought me a course of pottery classes as a birthday present. Now I’m lucky enough to have a studio in our cellar, where the kiln is doing a great job of sorting out the damp.

My love of the countryside definitely inspires everything I make and the work of 19th and 20th century fairy artists, and my Mum’s illustrations, will always be a great influence.

Each piece I make is designed to capture an element of natural beauty and fairy tale magic in the hope this will provoke happy thoughts, storytelling and daydreaming, whatever your age.

Magic Kingdom for Sale

The Magic Kingdom collection consists of intricate ceramic fairy doors, fairy houses, fairy tale wall hangings, fairy accessories and fairy nightlights.

Every piece is unique, I never use moulds and with the exception of the most tiniest of flowers (where cutters are used) each flower petal and leaf is made and glazed by hand. Some pieces are enhanced with fused glass, enamels and metal leaf.

Flight & Flowers

Flight & Flowers is a collection of decorative plates, bowls, vases, coasters, tealights and wall hangings influenced by nature, both at home and away.

Each base is carefully hand built and then brought to life with the addition of wild or tropical flowers, accompanied by butterflies, dragonflies, or humming birds. As with Magic Kingdom, each piece is carefully made and glazed by me and some pieces are enhanced with fused glass to mimic water.

Something Extra Special

As well as making pieces for my collections I really love making bespoke items for customers.

Commissions have included Alice in Wonderland inspired wedding favours and place name cards, a fantasy birdbath, nursery name plaques, personalised Christmas decorations and commemorative items for weddings, births and anniversaries, which can include names, dates and lots of other little personal touches to make them extra special.