Ruby and Moo

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Ruby and Moo
Ruby and Moo

Susan Grazier

“Handmade bears and other critters”

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About Ruby and Moo

Ruby and Moo

Handmade bears and other critters made with love

Welcome to our shop; it's lovely to see you. I'm Mia, but my closest friends call me Moo. I've had a bit of a chequered past and have even lived on the street for a while, but now I am settled in rural Shropshire with my best friend, Ruby, our humans, Nick and Sue, three other rescued dogs, an assortment of budgies and a tortoise called Myrtle.

Ruby is the quiet one, and she was the inspiration for the bears because the humans have always called her their little brown bear. Ruby is a little bit frightened of life, so I tend to do her talking for her.

Ruby and I don't actually make the bears ourselves; that would be daft because everyone knows that dogs can't sew, but we oversee every stage of the bear-making process. I choose the material, advise on the best positions for ears and eyes and closely supervise every hand stitch that Sue sews. I am also responsible for making sure that any profit goes to the Ruby/Moo biscuit fund. Ruby names each bear, decides upon each quirky character and gives them all a little bit of her wisdom. Both Ruby and I add the love to each and every bear.

A man once told Sue that he thought that I was the ugliest thing he had ever seen, but Sue and Nick know that I am quite the most beautiful Shar Pei ever. As a famous hobbit once said "beauty is as beauty does". Ugly, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder, so whether you think our bears are ugly or beautiful, they are all made with love and each has a little bit of Ruby and Moo sewn inside. They are all hand-made with care by Ruby, Moo and Sue for you to love.

I hope you will like our bears as much as we do. It has been lovely to chat with you, but we can hear the biscuit jar opening, so must dash.

With love

Ruby and Moo