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Reuben's Woodcraft

A cabinet maker for 27 years and still learning. Making the best of what ever I can afford. And no, I don't have any cats. ;)

For nearly 27 years and after gaining a City and Guilds award in Cabinet making, Reuben has worked and trained within many aspects of his profession in several area's of the country and has learned from many highly regarded professionals, some who have worked within the V&A. Reuben has helped to restore pieces for Hampton Court, Chatsworth House and Whitehall. Other areas of great craftsmanship and skill were also gained from the Lowden Guitar Company/Avalon Guitars N. Ireland. His skill base is wide ranging, from small intricate pieces to mass produced items with many different finishing styles.
Reuben Gregory is now based in Sheffield and working at what he has always loved as a hobby doing; fine wood crafts, furniture restoration and making guitars thrown in for good measure.
​About the woodcrafts.
Nearly all of the wood crafts are made from recycled / reclaimed wood. From either salvage yards or scrape off cuts from manufacturing companies or factories. On the odd occasion Reuben has been known to used wood from tree felling. Trees that needed to be removed from gardens etc.
Reuben looks and keeps an eye open for any chance of some free timber that can be utilised for what ever he has going in his small workshop. Looking for the most interesting grains and colours.
Sometimes Reuben can add to these some inlays and intricate parts like wooden hinges, catches or make a feature from some joints. Then to add further value, all his items are sanded and polished naturally to a high standard. Removing all scratches and marks from the grain, thus helping the grain of the wood stand out to a significant shine, even before any lacquer has touched it. This can be a pain staking process but the end product shows quality.