“Handmade new, recycled Quirky items to make you smile, chuckle and feel good - come and have a looksy - I'll put the kettle on for a cuppa.”

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Quirky Loveit - it's so us - because it is!

Quirky Loveit came to be as life has a way of making things happen and in this case I (Debs) had to give up work (ahhhhhh) - which was sad - but the grand news was that I could concentrate on getting my hands dirty experimenting making different things yippppee.

Somehow my husband (Steve) got involved along the way too, but we do make a good team as sometimes I get carried away with my ideas and Steve pulls me back to reality, and sometimes I get him to be more daring. 'Go Stevie' hee hee.

We love sourcing, upcycling, changing, reinventing uses of items and making quirky items (yep that's where we got the business name from - very cheesy I know but makes us laugh). This can be paper, furniture, buckets, cups, pallet wood anything that we thing we can do something with. I cannot go past a tip without having a look - but to my families embarrassment.

We have only just started this shop up and so are trying out different things which could be updating old items or creating new ones from reclaimed ones.

I (Debs) love to be a bit out there and try different looks on items, but also to make people chuckle when they see them and give them a happy feeling or thought.

If you have a look at my Edwardian Display cabinet that has been totally revamped with industrial light fittings, nuts and bolts for handles, black mesh to replace the glass. Open the doors and 'suprise' decoupaged in 1964 newspaper to give an Industrial, Steampunk feel but it still keeps an element of traditional grandeur with the black and copper overall colours.

My passion at the moment is paper mache - I just love it - if the kids stand still long enough they will be covered in it too:) Check out my mad paper mache Mad Hatter's Lamp - it sure is quirky, plus my female torso (Noooooo - the body is not based on mine - I wish!) - and to really make you grin the jungle head mounts of a lion zebra and chimp (who all have a cheeky twinkle in their eyes).

At the moment I am making a floor standing flamingo (from paper Mache as a lamp - but it wont be anything normal as already she (yes she) is wearing footwear - oh my!

Steve is really into exposing wood grain at the moment, but also painting some parts of the furniture to that there is a contrast. He ikes to enhance the bare wood by using a blow torch to deepen the colour (no fires yet - phew) and then combine high gloss varnish which takes ages, as sometimes 5 coats that have to dry in between and be sanded as well. The effect at the end though, is so worth it.
I could carry on for hours about our products (as you can tell I do waffle a lot) and the things I am trying out - but hopefully I have given you a taster. Please take a look at our shop and we hope that you find something that you like.

Any questions or of if you fancy a chat please contact us as we would love to hear from you.

p.s I have two dogs called Sophie and Ruby who are Hungarian Vizlas ones a grumpy old lady now and the other is a mad - a bit like us. They have replaced me kids (who are adults now) - oh my:) but we love them (the kids and dogs - I will stop talking now).

Thanks for visiting us - Debs and Steve (Quirky Loveit)