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“Nature inspired, jute bags and T-shirts”

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Queen of Persia

I sell jute bags without logos, branding or corporate statements. A bag that says something about you rather than the supermarket

I am based in East Sussex, close to Brighton and work as a seamstress and sewing tutor. I love art and crafts and make lots of crafty things for my family. When jute bags first started appearing in the supermarkets, I was pleased to buy them so that I could avoid buying single-use plastic bags for my shopping. But I started using my jute bag wherever I went: to the library, to the cinema, to the beach, to exhibitions, you name it I took my jute bag with me. It was on one of these occasions I noticed my reflection in a shop window and I realised that I was an unpaid walking advertisement for companies that don’t need any further promotion so I started looking around for jute bags without company logos, brands or corporate statements on them, and I failed. So I decided to paint my own bags with images that I liked.

My first design was a chicken based on one of my own hens and the second, for my sister, was a cockatiel. I then started painting bags for more friends and family, and everyone said how much they preferred them to the bags on offer in the supermarket. I design and cut the stencil myself, often using photographs taken by members of my very talented family. Over the last nine years I have extended my catalogue to more than eighty designs and variations using nature as my main inspiration. I paint each one individually, so they are never identical and may differ slightly from the one pictured. They are in effect individual little works of art.

I do have two rescue cats, Tiddles and Napoleon.