Pretty Perfection

Caroline Haywood

  • United Kingdom

“Depicting fantasy, inspired by reality and the beautiful flora and fauna found within the British Isles”

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About Pretty Perfection

Pretty Perfection

Botanical Sculpture Art

Launched in 2015, Pretty Perfection became the brand name for the floral artist Caroline Haywood. Each of Caroline’s intricate sculptures are made mainly from paper with the occasional use of mixed media to help bring her work to life.

From Caroline...

I start with a book, the pages never read, the story never told.

Depicting fantasy, but inspired by reality, each book sculpture uniquely relates to a precious moments in time.

My aim is to evoke memories of childhood, a way to reflect facets of one’s life or playfulness to amuse. It is through this familiarity and light-heartedness that a viewer is drawn.

My passion for nature and the tranquillity of being within the English countryside is emulated with the use of flora and fauna within my designs.