Pineapple Fibre Art

“Bespoke vintage inspired crochet wall art”

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About Pineapple Fibre Art

Pineapple Fibre Art

Bespoke vintage inspired crochet wall art

I'm Emma, I love to crochet, and adore the portability of this craft; I can be seen crocheting at the park, at the school gates, in a cafe, on a bus, or more regularly on my sofa!

I work from home in South Devon, sandwiched between the moors and the sea, I am lucky to be able to live and work in such a beautiful area. My house is full of noise and chaos and geekiness, between myself, my husband and the kids (aged 5 and 7) we have most types of table top gaming covered; as I type this the kids are upstairs playing pokemon cards! Even the tortoise, Edith, is joining in the noise, scrabbling away in her table. But don't worry, Edith has no access to my yarn!

I discovered vintage doily patterns a few years ago, and love their intricate details, and the repeated pineapple motif that has give my business its name. Reworking these patterns so they can be enjoyed again in a new way brings me great joy, and I hope it will bring you pleasure too! My hoops are made using hand dyed yarn from indie dyers, mainly work at home mums like me. Using hand dyed yarns means that I can get yarn dyed in any colour scheme you might like, although generally I find three colour gradients work best.