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About P Rayson Designs

P Rayson Designs

A life-time passion for beautiful jewellery

I've always adored jewellery, making and wearing it. I've found photos of me as a little kid and I'm wearing a bracelet or necklace. When I worked in a shop I remembered customers by their jewellery rather than faces. I love to travel and always bought jewellery to remember the trips by (also it fitted neatly into my camera bag and was lightweight). I usually start to decide what to wear with my jewellery and work backwards to the clothes.

Growing up in Africa and the Middle East there was little English TV so I learnt a variety of crafts, all of which I still indulge in: macrame, sewing, knitting. I remember being bought little jewellery kits and finding a bead shop in York, which I could spend hours in choosing for a design. I started making and selling in sixth form, mainly to my teachers, and only stopped when my supplier went out of business, I also started silver-smithing as mental relief from my A levels. University slowed me down and apart from the odd necklace to go with ballgowns, nothing was made for years, until I started teaching and a close friend couldn't find a necklace to go with her bespoke prom dress. The passion came back and I wondered why I'd stopped in the first place. Recovering from a foot operation I found my current supplier and have not looked back. I do craft fairs and sell on here and through my facebook pages. I'm still learning new skills, wire is my big passion and I've taken the scarey leap into sterling silver wire now as well. I'm a registered business and am getting my own hallmark registered.