Norris and the Flamingo

Megan Dowsett

“Joyful illustration for every age”

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About Norris and the Flamingo

Norris and the Flamingo

Sharing the joy of illustration with every age

Me? I'm a dabbler in all things beautiful! After a few years of straightforward teaching, I found myself unable to resist the call to a more creative world, and spent some years creating and leading art workshops to people of all ages, from babies onwards. Meanwhile, I put my mind to creating my own bits and pieces, and to this day I lead a sort of haphazard, hotchpotch life, helping others discover their inner artist (mostly toddlers, my own and others, at the moment!), doing my own making, and running the families programme at a popular London museum.

For my own work - well, to be honest, I could never make up my mind whether I was an illustrator or a crafter, and haven't yet managed to combine the two, so I switch between them, month on month, year on year. At the moment, I'm addicted to the satisfactory joys of 'colouring in'. I indulged in some luxurious felt pens and can spend hours just choosing the colour combinations - but I prefer to colour my own pictures, if I can. Earlier this year, I realised perhaps other people might like to colour my pictures too, and so eventually I opened a shop - I began with a calendar, for which you can see the current month above.

Meanwhile, I have a lovely daughter and another one on the way, and an amazing husband who pushes the creative boundaries of maps every day - you can see his work here: