Nicky Brier

  • United Kingdom

“Needle felt and zipper brooches inspired by nature”

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About NickyBrierDesigns


Needle felt and zipper brooches inspired by nature

I was about to throw an old pair of jeans into the recycling bin when I noticed it's zip; the pattern of it's teeth, the flexibility and the subtle glint of the metal. After some experimentation, I used the zip as edging, with needle felting, to make my first brooch.

Combine this with the love of our garden; how the colours change over the seasons, the wonderful shapes and patterns of the flowers and the comical comings and goings of the birds - and I have all the inspiration needed for my designs.

All the designs are made using a single needle, wool felt and some zips. I'm very proud of my designs, and I hope you enjoy them too!