Nickola Candela

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Nickola Candela
Nickola Candela


  • United Kingdom

“Providing amazing candles and reed diffusers , while saving the bumblebee”

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About Nickola Candela

Nickola Candela

Creating amazing candles and reed diffusers and saving the bumblebees at the same time.

Here at Nickola Candela i'm trying to do something different! I not only care about providing great quality candles, but also care that you care about the environment. So all my candles and reed diffusers are vegan, environmentally-friendly, eco-friendly and bio-degradable, water soluble and not to mention dermatologically tested. I am also mindful that the main ingredient in my candles is soya wax which is slow-burning and clean-burning and last longer then paraffin wax.

I am a crazy bumblebee lover, I constantly have sick bumblebees land on me for help. They have all survived and flown off, so I am known as the bumblebee whisperer to my family and friends - this is why i give £1 for every candle and reed diffuser you buy to the Bumblebee Conservation Trust. So when you purchase from me you save a bumblebee and that makes me very happy!

I love what I do, from a family of artists, I am always creating and messing around with scents and creating amazing smelling candles and diffusers.

Each candle and reed diffuser you buy from me is made to order, giving you the best all the time. Everything is wrapped and made with love. I don't miss a thing when it comes to the details. I believe in the 3 R's - recycle, recyclable and reusable; hence you won't see any plastic in my packaging..

So buying from me and you'll be saving a bumblebee and also help save the environment too!