Natural Stones

michael wickham

  • United Kingdom

“The Precious Ones”

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About Natural Stones

Natural Stones

Stone Love

I just Started making jewelry my passion is stones and I collect them like trophies from around the world I just can not help myself. I have a nice collection of stones and recently I got into making jewelry because I can not get what I want made without it costing me the earth or because the jeweler think I am crazy.. I have some very good quality for sale and if you are a Craft person you will probably want to purchase from me because I am not overly expensive. and the quality is very high. I do not have AAA stones all the time and when I do I am sure I know someone that will take them from me so my stock is Middle class I can get most stones So now I am into making some nice pieces of jewelry with what I have because I long to see things made from them. I have this Star Ruby still in Rough form but when you look at it, is like you are looking at the Milky Way but I am not a Stone cutter and I do not want to even think of trying to cut it. And then I have this Afghan Emerald Rough it is ready for cutting but I can not find someone to do it for me. Afghan Emerald is the best Emerald you can get they say. I have a couple of cut ones but they are small and not cut well (Not by me) So I will be showing out lots of stones for Crafting and from time to time apiece of jewelry.