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“Unique & quirky jewellery lovingly created from recycled and new beads, gems and treasures.”

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About Mudita


Unique, eyecatching and quirky jewellery created from recycled vintage and new beads, gems and treasures.

Mudita means 'sympathetic joy' the happy feeling you get when you see other people's joy. I chose this name for my jewellery as I want people to feel happy wearing it, as simple as that. Based in Bristol, England for the last 25 years, I trained in textile and fashion design at Liverpool College of Art and designing for printed textiles is a big love of mine as is rummaging in boxes of old beads and costume jewellery and coming up with new ways to put together new pieces from old unloved and discarded bits and pieces. it makes me happy and is very satisfying taking something nobody cares about anymore and turning it into something that makes people go 'oooh!' at!
I try to keep my prices affordable as I want people to be able to buy what they see and not for their hearts to sink when they see the prices. I really love what I do and I hope this enjoyment comes through with the finished products. Pleased to meet you and feel free to browse whenever you like.