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About Mother Natures Goodies

Mother Natures Goodies

We are passionate about Essential Oils, left breathless by Butters, lyrical about waxes and crazy about carriers. If you share our love of crafting supplies, you will adore our store!

Married to Carmel, Father to Amie ( 31) Josh ( 29) Toby .(25) and our darling little Charli ( 8).
Craving a rural life, we moved to Wales and live close to Crickhowell, in the heart of the Brecon Beacons. Each morning my drive to work involves a mountain, ascending above a blanket of clouds in the glacial valley, distant peaks, lakes, wild ponies and of course lots of sheep. Ten minutes later i am sat at my desk. So glad I opted out of suits and corporate life.
When i invested in Mother Natures Goodies it was just a happy coincidence of events. I rented d a unit next door. and the rest is history.
I was never passionate about essential oils in the early days and in truth was sceptical about the claimed theraputic benefits but an incident with a gross fungal infection in a tow nail and a bottle of tea tree made me re set and now I am a convert and like all converts, love to evangelise lol.
Another happy coincidence was that i had purchased an old rugby club building some months before i encountered Mother natures goodies. I had planned to demolish it and build or possibly rent it. But MNG needed a home, the building was empty and now several years later we are slowly developing the building.Some would say it needs it!
My day flies by. Mornings involve sourcing oils or other crafting supplies and afternoon is spent managing the cash and developing our product range. in the hope we can become a one stop crafting shop.
Everyone here is passionate about what we do and giving our friends and clients the best products we can at the fairest of prices.We are totally approachable so do contact us if you have any ideas or products you feel we should know about.
Thanks for stopping by.