Martha's Kitchen

“Beauty from the Unwanted - Delicious from the Surplus”

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About Martha's Kitchen

Martha's Kitchen

Beauty from the Unwanted - Delicious from the Surplus

When I was a child, I always wanted to be making, painting, drawing, creating... and that was fine, except for the temper tantrums when the image in my head and the image on the paper didn't match. It ended up with my mother [who was a very good artist] rather discouraging me from art work, so I grew up believing I couldn't draw.

Three years ago, I was inspired to try painting on glass, having seen some handpainted glass at a couple of fairs... and to my amazement, I found that, with practice, I could do it. I then worked out that my initial problems were probably to do with my severe astigmatism - and I've been wearing glasses to correct that for forty five years. I can't believe we never made the connection in all that time.

So now... I make all kinds of things from glassware. The only proviso is that the glassware itself is upcycled. Some of the bottles were given by friends... other bits are bought from charity shops. Then, I decide what the item is saying to me, decorate it accordingly, add lights or hangers or candles - and this is the result.

I also make a lot of homemade jam from fruit which would otherwise go to waste. My husband restores classic cars. I'm not going to try to sell either of these on here... but if you come and visit me at Unit 11, Burnley Market Hall, Curzon St, Burnley BB11 1BB you can buy some direct, and also see the full range of what I sell.