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“The home of Maisy and Mo and the other little characters from Mulberry Green”

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Maisy Muffin Rag Dolls

Handcrafted Toys - Unique little friends for unique little people

I've always loved making things and I've been fascinated with textiles since I was really small. I could knit and sew before I went to school and, when I was young, I often disappeared for hours and then reappeared with something I had created from materials around the house.
When I grew up I became a teacher and developed another love - writing.
My rag doll making started as a hobby a few years ago and soon became an obsession. Now I make two dressable character rag dolls called Maisy and Mo and other little characters who live in Mulberry Green.
I also write stories on the internet about my little characters because I love how young children get totally absorbed in imaginary worlds, so that the characters become their friends and they themselves become part of the story.
I work in a lovely sewing room, which is full of light and overlooks the garden. In the Winter months, it is really cosy, with lots of fairy lights - a lovely workshop, in which to create my little characters and write my stories.
Nothing appeals to me more than an art or craft item that has been lovingly created, with lots of attention to detail. (I always feel that part of the creator has gone into creating something when it is carefully and lovingly made.)
My toys are all made of best quality CE safe de Witte doll skin and CE approved mohair doll’s hair. I use polyester stuffing with a fire safety mark and natural beeswax colouring for their cheeks. Their clothes are made from best quality fabric and are CE safe. The dolls are made using the Waldorf method and have a double stitched inner core for safety.
They are not suitable for children under three, as they often have small buttons and fastenings.

Mulberry Green
I created the Mulberry Green range for children aged 3-7 but I have found that it is very popular with people of all ages. Maisy and Mo, dress-able and very squeezable rag dolls, are the main characters
Maisy and her best friend Mo live in a pretty village called Mulberry Green. Maisy lives with her mother and father on Mulberry Farm and Mo lives in a little cottage at the top of Mulberry Lane. His dad is the vicar.
In the village there is a post office, a bakery, a sweet shop, a hardware shop that sells all kinds of useful things, a greengrocer’s, a draper’s – where Maisy’s mother buys all of the fabric and buttons to make Maisy’s pretty dresses, a butcher’s and a grocer’s – where you can get just about anything.
There is also a little church and, of course, a school – Mulberry Green Infants’ School, where Maisy and Mo are pupils.
Maisy has a cute little puppy, called Molly and Mo has a baby sister called Daisy.
There are other children in Maisy’s class at Mulberry Green Infants’School -
Violet, a very self willed little girl, who often gets herself into trouble and lives at the grocer’s shop.
Amber, who is always very well dressed and doesn’t like to get dirty. Her mum and dad keep the sweet shop.
Oliver and Olivia, twins who live at the greengrocer’s and help their dad with the deliveries
Rosie, who is always beautifully dressed because her mum owns the sewing shop
Ruby, who all of the children envy because she lives in the Post Office and gets to use the rubber stamps at the counter,
Marigold who’s dad keeps the hardware shop and is very keen on growing things
and rough at the edges Billy Spraggs, who lives at the baker’s and is not too keen on school.
These character rag dolls are all available in my shop.
Maisy and Mo live at a time when children had lots of freedom to explore the world around them and the pair love nothing more than having adventures with their friends. You can read about their adventures on my Facebook and Instagram pages most days.
The children are all 28cm tall, Baby Daisy is 16cm and Molly the dog is just 8cm
They are all amazingly cute

Little Nippers
Little Nippers are a community of little mice, who live in the barn at Mulberry Farm. They are sometimes very hard to spot - but they are always there. Don't forget, next time you are out, keep your eyes open and you may just see a Little Nipper scurrying about.
They are very friendly little mice.
Little Nippers are 12cm tall

My dolls and mice make lovely gifts for young children or indeed anyone who is young at heart!
They are all handcrafted with love.

I hope you love my dolls and Little Nippers as much as I love designing and making them!

Unique little friends for unique little people!