Love Kelly Reilly Bespoke Gifts

Kelly Reilly

“Bespoke gifts, wall decor, greetings cards and Textile jewellery. Memory/keepsake animals.”

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About Love Kelly Reilly Bespoke Gifts

Love Kelly Reilly Bespoke Gifts

I use new and up-cycled materials to make bespoke homewares, card and gifts

My name is Kelly and I am sole creator of everything Love Kelly Reilly.

I began sewing a few years ago on an old Pfaff 91 I picked up at a local auction.

Fast forward to now and I still love sewing, however I have also discovered I love working with other mediums such as paint and clay, and learning new techniques such as block printing and weaving.

The result is a very diverse mix of products in my folksy shop and on my craft stalls; textile jewellery, wall hangings, greeting cards, bespoke gifts and more.

I am also called upon to make memory and keepsake items such as animals, blankets and pillows.
It is always an honour to make these, as I know how special the items are that I am working on.