Louise Blakey Designs

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Louise Blakey Designs
Louise Blakey Designs

Louise Blakey

“Inspired by life and colour, creating colourful art from my home in Cornwall.”

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About Louise Blakey Designs

Louise Blakey Designs

Inspired by life and colour, creating colourful art from my studio (aka bedroom) in Cornwall.

I create art for my shop Louise Blakey Designs from my home in Cornwall, where I live with my partner, 3 children and our cat called Peanut. I have a quiet corner where I can have some time for myself and focus on my well-being. I work full time for a charity called Cornwall Rural Community Charity and after work and the time I am a mum, I like to create art and turn them into items that I think people would enjoy, items that I would buy myself. I love art, prints, stickers, stationery, letter writing sets for penpals and planning. I also have a love for embroidery and fabric! I make some of these items already but I would love to branch out and make them all.

I had a shop a few years ago, called Doodlemakes where I used to create free motion embroidery art and sewn items but stopped as my working life changed, however after spending decades drawing (my first love) I began creating art as a hobby and sharing on social media. Soon I had a couple of people ask for commissions and it has grown from there.

I love to use a plethora of mediums, my current favourites are gouache, ink and watercolour. I have spent a lot of time over the last 18 months drawing people and cats! I create art for my well-being, I find it really uplifting but I also find that creating products from my original illustrations makes me feel so happy. When I see people's reactions to my items or I receive lovely feedback, it is so glorious and feels like nothing else I can describe. I just really love the whole process!

I like to create art that makes people feel happy or helps them to feel uplifted. I hope that my use of writing or colours in the pieces of art I create inspire and motivate other people.

If you like what you see and would like to follow along with my art jouney, come and find me on Instagram! It would be great to have you onboard.