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Lesley Jane Jewellery

Jeweller and coppersmith, based in South Wales

Many jewellers start working in copper and then progress to silver, when they have mastered the techniques - I did it the other way around! Starting by attending weekend workshops in basic jewellery making with silver about 10 years ago, my fascination with copper began when I was given some offcuts of copper sheet and some copper earthing cable by two different friends. I quickly discovered the beautiful range of colours that can be achieved with this versatile metal, which is all around us in our homes and appliances. Having grown up in the west country, I'm conscious of the very long history that copper extraction and manufacture has. In 2014-15 I regularly demonstrated making copper jewellery at Morwellham Village and Copper Mine in the Tamar Valley - once the site of the richest copper port in Queen Victoria's empire and now a fascinating visitor attraction. Doing so inspired me to learn more about coppersmithing - both the history, in terms of how copper was used in the nineteenth century, and the techniques used, which I now employ to make larger objects such as bowls and plates.
The above photo shows me in my old studio at Flameworks Creative Arts Facility in Devonport (Plymouth) - running a 'have a go at enamelling' activity, during an open day.