Kitsch Creations

Jaye Wood

“Cute, whimsical and affordable collections of polymer clay and button beaded jewellery.”

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About Kitsch Creations

Kitsch Creations

Eye-poppingly vibrant designs using colourful buttons and polymer clay.

I started Kitsch Creations back in 2012 in the middle of a sleepless night when I was heavily pregnant with my little girl, Millie. I'd always made jewellery, but focused predominantly on higher end designs using a lot of expensive crystal components with semi-precious stones and sterling silver. A chance ebay purchase of some vibrant polymer clay cane flower beads originally destined for some artwork, led to the creation of a vibrant floral necklace and at 4am, when it photographed so clearly, and looked so happy, Kitsch Creations was born. It was lovely, given the credit crunch, to have a product with instant appeal, which was fun to produce and didn't send either my bank balance plummeting or make too big a dent in my customer's pockets either. I'm always on the lookout for more vibrant components to use in my designs and more recently, was thrilled to discover some gorgeous screen printed spotty wooden buttons leading to my spotty sputnik layered button choker necklaces.
I work from home, - literally everywhere has a drawer in it filled with some buttons or wire, even though it seems very tidy on the surface and when I'm not at work on my kitsch creations, I still dabble in some more serious artisan jewellery and try to find time to play the piano.