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Raddy Kalashnikowski

“Ethical & sustainable jewellery.”

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Jewellery by Juna

Jewellery made from ethically sourced materials

Jewellery making is my greatest hobby and I am very lucky I have managed to transform it into a job. I set up Juna in 2014 while working two jobs- a part-time at a jeweller's and full-time selling and writing about wine. It was a rocky start but slowly I gave up my wine career and got full time into making pretty, shiny things.

I studied stage design years ago and briefly worked in a theatre so making things has always been something I enjoyed but working with wine is also fun and for a few years it completely overtook over my life.

All my jewellery is made from recycled and Fair Mined metals and stones from various charities and small lapidaries that care about the environment.

I hope you enjoy looking at my creations.