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Joe Farace

“Joe's Key Fobs made from British Woods with British steel rings”

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About Joe's Key Fob Shop

Joe's Key Fob Shop

I create organic hardwood key fobs for your pocket or bag ... they are "soft" to the touch or so my customers tell me!

As a young boy I grew up surrounded by craftsmen - artisans working with natural materials - cabinet makers, trug baskets, fine carpentry … I learned my trade from my extended family..

My inspiration for Key Fobs came from a neighbour who kept losing their spare keys - so I made them a mega key fob more than 8 years ago … and it is still going strong.

My early working life was spent working in DIY Stores on the shop floor, then as a shop fitter - so you could say I learned even more about working with my hands and what it takes to make things well and to last. Having shifted career to the world of IT and databases, I kept up my crafting as a hobby until several years ago I chose to leave the cut and thrust of IT and live a more holistic life - as an Artisan Wood Crafter.

So now I work from my home workshop (converted garage!), take over far too much of the house (much to my partner's annoyance) with work in progress … and sell at craft markets in South Wales, Gloucestershire and the South West.

Key fobs are just part of my range - you can find more of my artisan craft at