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“Vibrant , colourful and absolutely perfect for any wall.”

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Jim Dinnen Art  (Rearview Mirror Art)

Always looking to create vibrant colourful unique art in my own creative style

Coming from an artistic family i have always being able to draw and paint naturally . For the past three years following a long term non-artistic career ,I have been successfully following my dream of being a full time artist.

I have a purpose built studio at the bottom of my rear garden which is my place of escape music and films and my area to get the required peace and calm i need to allow to me really indulge my creative thinking process and get the best out of myself in my may artwork. I tend to paint most of the time in oils

I attended Glasgow School of Art over four years in the 1980's doing part time classes in fine art Oil painting.

The image is of me at my specialist giclee printers premises with an extra large giclee print of Glencoe just off the printer
( printed on beautiful artists portrait gold 310 gsm paper )