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“Give a gift handmade with love whilst raising money for charity as I make a donation to Rossendale Hospice with every item I sell”

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Leyland Christmas Market, St Marys Priory Club. Starting at 11 am till 4 pm - this will be a wonderful opportunity to view my full catalogue of goods and get someone a wonderful Christmas Presents.

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About Hand Made Jewellery by Linda Tiernan

Hand Made Jewellery by Linda Tiernan

Give a gift of love that has been handmade just for you

I have been crafting for many years as my mum taught me to knit when I was 13 yrs old. I have tried many mediums but still find I prefer to create jewellery. I have been suffering ill health for the last 8 yrs and found that jewellery making was something I could do whilst trying to adapt to becoming disabled. I love to give many of my items to my local hospice - Rossendale Hospice - as I have always done voluntary work within the community and this allows me to still feel like I am contributing even just a little. I love the whole creative process from looking at a gemstone or pearl and deciding how best to show its inner beauty.

Pearls have become my absolute favourite gem which suprised me as I was never really a pearl person. That changed when I started to work with the qualiry and variety of shapes and sizes that I didn't previously know existed.

Pearls are the Ocean's Rainbow with many different colours and varieties of shape and size. A pearl takes approximately 1 year to grow 1 mm in size, nature is amazing. Pearls symbolise wisdom, luck, attract wealth and are known to offer protection to the wearer. They are also known for their calming effect and ability to strengthen one's karma.

Black/Gold Pearls stand for Wealth and Prosperity
Pink Pearls stand for Success, Fame and Fortune
Brown Pearls stand for Practicality, Masculinity, Dependability and Harmony
White/Cream Pearls stand for Innocence, Beauty, Purity, and New Beginings

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