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“Each individual ceramic piece is hand painted by me and therefore each one is unique.”

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About Hannah Berridge Ceramics

Hannah Berridge Ceramics

I hand-paint ceramics, I love what I do.

My work is quite different from most of the ceramics you can buy elsewhere, that are not hand-painted but instead use transfers. These transfers are mass-produced and then simply applied to the ceramic pieces and fired. By contrast, my work starts out with a pencil outline on the individual, blank piece and is then painted by hand with coloured glazes sometimes in several stages, before its final firing in my kiln. This produces bright, shiny, permanent colours that are quite different from more mass-produced pieces. Both the designs themselves and each individual ceramic piece are therefore unique. No two pieces are ever exactly the same!

The final stage is carefully wrapping each product in bubble wrap and tissue paper before placing it in a cardboard presentation box and sending it to the customer by Royal Mail. The packaging is very attractive and needs no further additions if the piece is a gift for someone. The packaging and all my product range can be inspected on my website. If you are ordering from overseas, I will always research the correct postage and let you know how much this will be when I get your order.

I have also caught the photography bug from my photographer husband and use my design skills ( I am also a graphic designer) to produce photographs of my products for the social media platforms that I use, including a daily visual, photographic treat on Instagram and Facebook.