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“I have another shop Poisoned Apple Jewellery, please take a look.”

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Clare at The Grimm Exhibition

I love to sew and solder

Hello, my name is Clare and I live in the Berkshire. I've been crafty for as long as I can remember. I made clothes for dolls when I was little, adapting bought dolls clothes or seeing how bits of felt or knitting would fit round a doll, I then designed clothes and costumes in my teens for fun (I still have 3 large folders full) I love costumes and tend to watch historical films just to see what they are wearing. After school I went to fashion college for 2 years. Since then I have had a number of jobs, most mind numbingly awful, but one of those jobs had very little work for me to do and internet access(a great combo) and I discovered the things I could buy like beads and fabrics, and the fantastic creations others had made in places like Pinterest, and this inspired me to make and sell my ideas.
The original idea for my Grimm Exhibition shop was to mix the dark side of fairy tales with the modern world. I don't think I have fulfilled my own brief and I get easily distracted by other things like trying to make clothes for myself and I recently acquired a die cutting machine which I have been using on greeting cards not stop. But I love the idea of fairies so I incorporate some into my prints. I love the Victorian era, and the look of Silent era in film history, also La Belle Epoque when women were beautifully dressed in fine clothes, jewellery and headwear.
Now I love to sew and solder. I try to cut glass(which is scary) into shapes so I can build and solder keepsakes. I love to design my own images and have them printed onto fabric like my cushions. I also have a jewellery shop on Folksy called Poisoned Apple Jewellery, please take a look.
I'm currently unemployed due to redundancy(my 4th) so I spend my spare time planning out how to make my designs into a reality. Sometimes they go well, other times they don't, but its good to learn.

As I type its Oct '16 and I am sat on the sofa(my pretend studio) surrounded by bits of ribbon, glitter and thread. I have about 4 ideas Im experimenting with, all Xmas decorations which I hope to sell here and at upcoming craft fairs.