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Gema Inspirations
Gema Inspirations

Marilyn Long

“created with passion”

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About Gema Inspirations

Gema Inspirations

I use colours and textures that give me pleasure, to design and create what I hope will be treasured.

Welcome to my craft cupboard. My grandchildren say that this is where I keep my stash, and they love it. I live in a Victorian School in North Wales and I like to think that this was the stock room.
I have been into design since my teens and just love being creative whether in words, artwork, crafting, or in the kitchen. My jewellery designs are inspired by the objects I find - beautifully shaded semi-precious gemstones, an unusual shell on the beach, interesting pieces found in antique or charity shops. My jewellery is easy to wear in that fastenings are either the toggle or magnetic type whenever possible. As I have problems with my hands and find gripping and co-ordination difficult I am mindful of this when I create.
When not working on my jewellery I may be writing poetry, sculpting with Powertex, knitting or crocheting, or concocting a meal. Anything that keeps my creativity going. Why so many irons in the fire? I'm bi-polar and have dyspraxia so need to have lots on the go so I can swap around as my mood or my dexterity shifts.
I work by the fire in the living room sometimes on a small table, sometimes on a lap tray. My constant companion is a toy hedgehog named Norman.