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fizzi-jayne makes....

fizzi~jayne ~ designer of fun greeting cards, coasters and decorations for your home....

fizzi~jayne makes.... was founded by me, Fiona. fizzi~jayne is my crafty self, I'm at my happiest in my craft den which was the spare room but it is now my home office. I live in a pretty village in Hertfordshire, in the UK, with my hubby and my dog neither of whom are allowed in the craft den!

If you are wondering where the name comes from ~ Fizz was my nickname at school, Jayne is my middle name and I love to make stuff!

The aim of fizzi~jayne is to create products that make people smile and feel happy. My work is based around funny quotes that you can relate to or know someone that it describes perfectly. I find inspiration everywhere but my work generally always comes back to food and drink! I also love Christmas!

Everything you see in my shop is designed by me, fizzi~jayne. When I started my business I used to make everything but as my business grew I needed to outsource some of the production. I'm passionate about sourcing from British suppliers and I now work with a manufacturer based in Leeds who reproduce my designs onto coasters.

At first fizzi~jayne makes.... was a way to earn extra money to pay for craft supplies but I wanted to be able to earn a living from something that I am passionate about. So using my experience from working in marketing and retail along with my passion for craft, I took the plunge in October 2013 to become a small business owner!

So that’s me!