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Finesse Knits

Finesse Knits is beautiful collection of knitted accessories and home textiles made from British Spun soft Merino Lambswool

Finesse Knits is a range of luxury knitted accessories including ponchos, snoods, scarves, fingerless mitts and headbands; designed and made by me in my home studio in UK from quality British spun soft merino lambswool. Accessories are a combination of simple knitted patterns, blending vibrant colours to create a signature collection with wearability.

I learnt to hand knit and crochet from a very young age and I am self taught in machine knitting, launching the lambswool collection in 2013, all knitted on a hand powered knitting machine and finished by hand. In designing knitting patterns I am inspired by things that are all around me, which I translate into knitted shapes and patterns, I then play around with these ideas and deconstruct them to make the final knitted pieces.

For autumn/winter 2016 I will be launching a small collection of fine merino honeycomb pattern shawls which are ideal for many occasions