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“Designed and made by Fi Cooper in Oxfordshire”

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    Dark Blue Mug

    Fi Cooper | MakeWalkRead

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Fi Cooper | MakeWalkRead

Hand made pottery from Oxfordshire


I'm a part time potter based in Oxfordshire.I loved making ceramics as a child, but had a very long break until I went back to it as an adult. I'm influenced both by my background and continued interest in archaeology, history and folklore, and by the beautiful landscape I'm lucky enough to live in.

I make both hand built and wheel thrown pieces - some of them are related to each other, while others are complete one offs. I fit my making round family and the day job, it's just me and a bag of clay in my makeshift dining room studio, or at my regular Friday pottery session (but plans are afoot for a little garden studio which I can put my currently resting kiln in).

Please do have a look around, my products are likely to vary over time. Every piece is unique, and although sometimes I make a few similar pieces because I've become obsessed by a particular technique or shape they are not what I'd call 'a set' and I don't sell them as such. I like to see the maker in handmade pieces and I hope my passion for this craft shows in my work.

I take the best photographs I can but, as ever, different lights, angles or screen resolution may not show true colour, and the same glaze can vary from pot to pot - such is the joy of handmade things.