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“Crochet Doilies, Earrings, Baby Accessories, Photo Props, Blankets and more...”

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About Fausta Crochet Creations

Fausta Crochet Creations

To Live Creative Life, We Must Lose Our Fear Of Being Wrong...

My name is Fausta and I am the designer and creator of FaustaJewelry, DoilyWorld and Fairytale baby photo props. I am Lithuanian and I have been living in United Kingdom for 11 years now. I would like to bring you closer, dear buyer and handmade lover, to my life of a crafter and sensitive creature of this brilliant matrix called life.

I would love to write about my world, the world of femininity, natural elegance, and simplicity. These items I make are the embodiment of my creativity and inspiration. I create every piece of jewelry with great care and passion and fill them with love and light. The jewelry becomes perfect by creating it with enthusiasm and by choosing the best matching details for the particular context.

I love to work with bright colours and carefully selected details. They have great vibrations and energies.
I hope by following my shop you will be able to choose the pretty little things that best enhances your mood and resonates with your natural beauty, making you simply feel good about yourself or fill your home with warm and cuteness.

Best Wishes,