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“Wonders handmade in Devon, inspired by the Everyday ”

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Everyday Wonders

Wonders Handmade in Devon, inspired by the Everyday

Hi, I'm Louise S.A. Allen, although when I'm less concerned about sounding like a good artsy professional I go by Lou*.

As I'm hoping my shopfront will soon corroborate I like making lots of different things. In lots of different materials. Everything here is handmade by me, in my Plymouth based studio.

My practice is often described as eclectic, but for the most part my inspiration has a singular source: The Everyday.
In fact that's how my shop got its name, my inspiration combined with my wandering attention and curious nature.

When I'm not in my studio creating 'wonders' and/or a giant mess, I can be found procrastinating in various geeky ways or walking my Cocker Spaniel (a.k.a. chocolate monster) - which sounds delightfully picturesque right? I ain't gonna lie, it is, right up until the studio desperately needs a tidy (that bad word) and the dog needs a bath!

I have a BA in Fine Art Practices (I waited to brag for those of you who can be bothered to read this far - thank you for the effort, sorry the reward is so poor)

I hope you enjoy what Everyday Wonders has to offer...

*I'll answer to either moniker or even the occasional "Lou Lou Bell" though I really don't recommend that one if you want me to like you.

(photo by Paul Ligas)